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Kit PCR temps-réel - PUMA HBV kit

PUMA HBV kit: Real-time PCR (for detection and quantification of the hepatitis B viral load).


“To meet the needs of populations and health players involved in the fight against infectious diseases, Omunis plays a major role in the diagnostic logic implemented in the field: increasing patient access to tests, by pooling equipment on open versatile platforms.”

Omunis offers a range of reagents and kits for quantitative PCR in real time for laboratories and adapted for developing countries. These kits and reagents are ready to use and have undergone a rigorous technical and clinical validation.

P.U.M.A Range

Omunis - Logo gamme PUMA - Kits de diagnostic PCR temps-réel et réactifs de biologie moléculaire

Diagnostic kits from PUMA range :

  • PUMA HBV kit : Hépatite B (DNA)                                                                  See the technical sheet
  • PUMA HCV kit : Hépatite C (RNA)                                                                  See the technical sheet
  • PUMA HDV kit : Hépatite D (RNA)                                                                 See the technical sheet
  • PUMA Lepto kit : Leptospirose (DNA)                                                           See the technical sheet
  • PUMA Syphilis kit : Syphilis (DNA)                                                              
  • PUMA Tuberculosis kit (DNA)


Apart from our own range, we make our best efforts to respond to all requests from our partners and customers. With the help of our network, we have access to complementary products that we can also supply: reagents, equipment, diagnostic kits, etc.

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