Development cooperation

Provide users with solutions and custom tools

“Omunis puts its experience and know-how at the disposal of clinical research, businesses, health organizations (NGOs, associations, foundations, etc.) and laboratories wishing to develop new kits or reagents following real-time PCR standard for increased use.»

To enable healthcare professionals to accelerate their diagnosis and management of infectious diseases, Omunis makes its expertise available to them and offers them the development, validation and production of products to meet their specific needs.

Our clients are engaged laboratories or institutions in clinical studies who wish to make a collection of comparable data whatever the local conditions (“homemade” standardized tests, integration of controls and standards, optimization of technology, etc) and their teams to avoid the loss of valuable time in validation and industrialization tasks (technical and medical expertise).

Omunis supports and centralizes the entire value chain of diagnostic testing (development, supply, production, packaging, transport to laboratories, etc) and guarantees strict confidentiality of exchanged data.